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Another Life

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Hold onto your avatars, you’re about to have a brilliant Another Life in a world of crazy possibilities! Plunge into a stunning life sim where you can become just about anyone and do just about anything. Your choices matter, so make them wisely (or not)!

Start your life from scratch!

From being a baby with a penchant for mischief or a genius math talent to becoming a senior citizen who’s tending quietly to their garden or skydiving recklessly off waterfalls, Another Life offers a tremendous space for shaping your virtual destiny. The decisions you make are like building blocks that define your future.

You can choose to study hard and become a brainiac, or you can be a rebel and end up as a circus clown. From deciding whether to date your neighbor to pondering on whether you should rob a bank and get stinky rich in a wink, it’s all cause and effect. You can become a superhero, a pop star, or even a cat whisperer with a side hustle as a pirate!

In Another Life, you’ll be building relationships, applying for jobs and getting promoted (or fired), visiting different countries and going on wild adventures, learning new skills and buying property (or roaming free as a homeless person). Choose one of the many roads and see where it leads you to!

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