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Tunnel Rush

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This online game is designed for the smartest players who are not afraid of testing their agility. Are you one of them? Then welcome to Tunnel Rush, a cool adventure that will keep you engaged from the first seconds. Here, you will have to go through a long tunnel and reach its end safely. What seems like a simple task will turn out to be a difficult task to complete! The thing is that the tunnel is twisting and full of various obstacles. It will be extremely challenging to avoid them all at high speed. But once you bump into any object, it means you lose this rush and need to restart!

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You will travel through a never-ending kaleidoscope of dangerous traps and unexpected hazards. To remain alive, you should avoid obstacles using only your wits and agility. Want to test how well your reflexes work? This game is a great chance to check it out! There’s only one way to show prove your skills – set a new record. After the end of each level, you will see how many meters you have successfully passed. So it is time to show off your super-sharp reflexes. Every time you start a new round, you will have to go through a maze with new hazards. It’s a real time test with no possibility to prepare to it in advance!

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