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VBAL – Schoolhouse Trouble

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It is a new adventure in the cool Incredibox series. If you love creativity and music, you will surely enjoy VBAL – Schoolhouse Trouble. It offers you more possibilities to create cool compositions. Besides, this particular chapter features a reworked version of the Schoolhouse Trouble song. Are you ready to express more artistic ideas? Then it is time to delve into this project to produce more songs! The main rules remain the same – you are to select beats from the roster and distribute them between performers on the screen!

Experiment to the fullest!

The best thing of this online activity is freedom. You can make and remake your compositions with no restrictions. Use the beats you like and try to shuffle the vocals. Only you decide how your music will sound. You can even combine beats into unique combos to achieve special effects. Do not follow any rules. You are the only rule maker here. So let your imagination and creativity run wild. There are all chances to come up with a mesmerizing masterpiece. Once you are fully satisfied with your creation, just make sure to record it for others. It may become a viral recording in no time. Good luck and tons of creative ideas!

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