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Who’s Your Daddy?!

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Hold onto your baby bottles! Mom is gone, and the baby is on the loose. The confused dad can’t do a thing and is desperately trying to keep that little ball of energy in check. Will you cope with this daring baby-sitting quest?

Baby vs. daddy

In Who’s Your Daddy, you got two characters to play with: the overly curious and slightly clumsy baby, and the super-duper, ultra-hyper, gotta-save-the-day dad. It’s like a comedy show where the audience is in control!

So, you can either be the teeny-tiny baby, just rolling around, trying to get killed in a house that’s basically a danger zone. You gotta crawl, explore, and yes, you guessed it, get into all sorts of wacky and precarious situations.

Or, you can be the daddy superhero, frantically running around trying to baby-proof the entire house before the kid finds themselves in a, well, less-than-ideal predicament. You’ll find yourself locking cabinets, putting away hazardous items, and even setting up baby gates that are more like baby mazes. It’s like a crazy obstacle course of parenting chaos! So, grab your diaper bag, put on your parent goggles, and let’s jump into the madcap mayhem of Who’s Your Daddy!

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