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Yandere Simulator Online

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Sometimes when we fall in love we’re bound to do crazy things. Or even evil and dangerous ones. If you’re familiar with this type of a feeling, welcome to Yandere Simulator online! Here you will try on the role of a slightly mad young girl who’s obsessed with the guy of her dreams. And she’s ready for anything to be with him. See where the path of passion takes you in this gripping and addicting game!

The things girls do for love

It all starts at a usual high school, with one very emotional and a little bit mentally unstable girl in the center of the story. Your heroine is in love with a guy, but he’s quite popular, and she has to get rid of all the competition if she hopes to stand a chance with him. Sometimes literally! Throughout the gameplay, you’ll have to stalk and watch him, sneak up on your rivals and make them regret choosing this particular guy as an object of their passion! Just don’t get caught if you decide to do something drastic!

Enjoy the school drama and the teen thrill!

And if all the craziness of eliminating rivals isn’t enough, Yandere Simulator offers an open-world environment where you can explore, interact with quirky characters, and uncover hidden secrets. From joining clubs to participating in eccentric activities, there’s always something absurd and unexpected waiting just around the corner.

So prepare yourself for a whirlwind of emotions and a sprinkle of creepy cuteness in Yandere Simulator! Stalk your rivals, eliminate them in the most creative ways imaginable, and revel in the madness that unfolds. In the realm of yanderes, love takes a twisted turn. And if you’re ready to see what’s behind it, hold your breath and hop right on!

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