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Girl Surfer 3D

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Prepare to hang ten and ride the waves in this gnarly game where you become the ultimate surfer chick! Grab your board, slap on some sunscreen, and set out on a riveting adventure that’ll have you catching waves and collecting all sorts of radical goodies. You’re gonna have a great time!

Out to the sea!

So, you take control of a fearless and funky girl as she carves her way through epic levels, dodging obstacles and riding the wildest waves the ocean has to offer. It’s like a never-ending beach party where the only rule is to have a blast!

As you glide through each level, you’ll encounter all sorts of hurdles that’ll test your surfing skills. Watch out for sneaky seagulls trying to steal your snacks or mischievous dolphins who want to play a game of underwater tag. But don’t sweat it, cause you’ve got the moves to outwit them all!

Surf like a lady!

Need a boost of speed to ride that monster wave? Grab a power boost and feel the wind in your hair! Want to repel water like a boss? Equip a water repellent and watch as the ocean bows down to your awesomeness! As you conquer each level, you’ll unlock a treasure trove of stylish bathing costumes that’ll make you the envy of the entire shoreline. Let’s do this, and may the surf gods be forever on your side!

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