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Tunnel Rush 2

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Tunnel Rush 2 is a fast-paced adventure that requires a flawless reaction. You are running through a winding tunnel, literally packed with all sorts of obstacles and barriers. Just one wrong step can become a tragedy! You will control a geometrical shape that will change its color on the way. You can break the obstacles in front of you if their color matches yours. Be very attentive as the shades change regularly. If you hit the wrong obstacle, you will be immediately dead and will need to restart the game. Let’s start the first rush in this mysterious tunnel!

Stay alive as long as possible!

There are three difficulty levels in this adventure. Start with the easiest one if you are a beginner. Use it to learn how everything works and enhance your skills. As you advance and earn some points, you will unlock more protagonist options. They all have different speeds and other unique features. Test the hard level once you believe you can maneuver flawlessly across this treacherous tunnel. Besides trials, you will also enjoy bonuses – collect gems as you rush to the exit. This game will not only help you spend time with fun, it will also exercise your brain and eye-hand coordination. Play it whenever you have a free minute.

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