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Mumei’s Silly Valentine

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Love is in the air, and in this heartwarming game, we join the charming Mumei on a whimsical Valentine’s Day adventure! Get ready to embark on a journey of love, chocolate, and a touch of forgetfulness that’ll melt your heart like a warm marshmallow. Will you be able to find your true love? Let’s see!

Cute and goofy Valentine’s adventure!

Meet Mumei, the cutest girl in town with a heart as sweet as honey and a mind as playful as a kitten. She has poured her heart and soul into making homemade chocolates for a special someone, but alas, as the day begins, she wakes up with a teeny-tiny memory mishap. She forgets who that special someone actually is!

Don’t fret, love doves, because that’s where you come in. As Mumei’s trusty companion, you’ll guide her through the story, helping her reconnect with her feelings and rediscover the recipient of her heartfelt chocolates.

Listen to your heart!

But it’s not just about rationality. You’ll also need to tap into the depth of the heart to truly understand the depths of Mumei’s affection. So let’s dive headfirst into the whimsical world of Mumei, follow the voice of reason and the voice of heart, and celebrate the magic of love on this enchanting holiday! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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