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That’s not my Neighbor

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Embracing the role of a doorman in That’s not my Neighbor transforms what seems like a straightforward job into a vital mission to thwart the doppelganger menace. Players are tasked with honing their perceptual skills and judgment to differentiate the authentic from the fraudulent, placing the doorman’s duties at the forefront of the apartment inhabitants’ safety. This responsibility turns daily routines into strategic confrontations aimed at ensuring the well-being of all residents.

Sleuthing for Truth: Peeling Back the Facade

Achieving success in “That’s not my Neighbor” depends on the player’s ability to conduct thorough detective work. A keen eye for detail is essential as players examine the narratives, appearances, and documents of each visitor for any signs of discrepancy. This gameplay aspect heightens the overall experience by merging elements of mystery with tactical thinking, as players endeavor to reveal the hidden doppelgangers, transforming ordinary interactions into critical moments of decision-making.

Exploring Deeper Fears: Venturing Beyond Traditional Horror

That’s not my Neighbor ventures beyond conventional horror tropes, exploring deeper questions of trust, identity, and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of dread. The games inspired by this groundbreaking title, highlighted in our collection, encourage players to delve further into these complex themes. Through new scenarios, enriched storylines, and innovative gameplay, these games not only present challenges but also stimulate profound contemplation and discovery, enhancing the realm of gaming with intricate narratives and creative play.

We invite you to delve into the world of “That’s not my Neighbor” and its inspired derivatives, each contributing a distinct element to the tapestry of this fascinating universe. Whether it’s engaging with novel puzzles, navigating previously unexplored environments, or facing off against sophisticated foes, these games promise an immersive, challenging, and broadening experience, all born from Nacho Sama’s visionary creation.


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