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Eggy Car

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Racing can be more than just rushing at crazy speed. And this is what you are going to experience in the Eggy Car entertainment. This time, you will have a really cool mission. It is not a boring competition between players who of them is faster. Now, you will be focused on something absolutely different – you will drive a car that carries an egg! It is really a cool twist to a racing story! You must be both fast and careful! It will be a true challenge to find a balance! Are you ready to give it a try? Only a few can succeed!

Don’t break the egg!

Get behind the wheel of the car and start moving. But note that your cargo is unbelievably fragile – it is an egg! In addition to it, your egg is not fixed – it moves in your vehicle. It is enough to make a wrong move, and it is broken. What adds more challenge – you will go along a bumpy road! You will have to go up and down the hills. The controls are easy – your vehicle can go forward and backward and accelerate. But avoid playing with high speed, or the game will be immediately over for you! The purpose is to cover as long a distance as possible. Earn points and unlock more vehicles to make the adventure more enjoyable. Have fun in this race with an egg!

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