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Short Life

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Hold onto your limbs, adrenaline junkies! Life has never been shorter than in this game, and you gotta live every moment of it to the full. Get ready to navigate a world where danger is your middle name and laughs are your ultimate goal!

Short and epic!

Welcome to a world filled with deadly traps, swinging pendulums, and more spikes than a punk rock convention! You’re a quirky character with a penchant for danger, ready to take on a series of mind-bending challenges that’ll test your reflexes, your wit, and probably your sanity too. You’ll be jumping, ducking, and rolling like there’s no tomorrow, all while dodging hazards that will grow more and more outrageous as you progress. From dodging giant wrecking balls to leaping over explosive barrels, it’s like a circus of chaos, and you’re the star performer!

Short Life isn’t just about survival – it’s also about causing as much hilarious mayhem as possible. You’ll be falling off ledges, getting squashed like a pancake, and probably laughing like a maniac each time you meet a comically gruesome end.

So, gear up, daredevils! Short Life is a wild and death-defying experience that’ll have you chuckling, gasping, and screaming in both delight and sheer terror! Are you ready to conquer each level with a grin and a giggle? Let’s go!

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