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Storyteller 2

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This is the most unusual puzzle you have ever dealt with! Storyteller 2 invites you to write fairy tales! Are you surprised? Do not hurry to run away, even if you do not have a knack for writing. Actually, these skills are not needed. All you need in this online adventure is a bit of your creativity. You will have to fill in an empty book with charismatic characters and scenes. There are over a dozen independent stories you are to complete. Lots of familiar characters are waiting for their roles. Experiment endlessly, reshuffle roles, and add a humorous or sinister touch to each story!

You craft the scenario!

These tales cover diverse themes, from love to murders, urging players to experiment endlessly. While seemingly simple, the challenges demand strategic thinking and wise choices. Follow prompts to guide characters through love, betrayal, and potential twists. Listen to your logic to achieve the correct sequence of events. If your story is fine, you will receive a crown for your work. Redefine traditional tales, suggest new scenarios, and enjoy the freedom of action. Are you ready to become a prominent storyteller? Start the first tale right now!

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