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MonsterBox V1- Plant Island Incredibox

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Your favorite musical game offers a new chapter – MonsterBox V1 – Plant Island Incredibox. Do not worry, as the main activity remains the same. You are empowered to craft cool music effortlessly by blending different sounds. To make this creative process more enjoyable, your compositions will be performed by adorable characters. Even if your musical talents are not so powerful, you still have all chances to succeed. All it takes is a desire to create something cool and unique. Ready to witness the magic? Let’s dive into the world of music creation!

How does it all work?

The entertainment is delightfully simple. You will operate with ready-made beats and a group of charming characters, your task is to connect the vocals with the performers. In this particular chapter, all your performers are a choir of fun-looking monsters! You have the power to decide the sequence in which they voice the particular beats. Once you distribute the beats, listen to the result. Do not get upset if you do not like it. You can modify your songs as much as you only wish. Just shuffle the beats to your desired spots and listen to how it sounds now. It is an endless musical experiment to enjoy!

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